is the online branch of Picaflor, which has also been curating professional fashion and design events for over 20 years. After several years of research and development, Picaflor Editions is now offering trade shows a B2B marketplace that is both incredibly efficient and immediately operable.

In the face of an ever more demanding market, Picaflor Editions is allowing trade shows to rapidly extend their physical presence into the online realm, efficiently harnessing a network that is already well established, and increasing their visibility with brands and buyers—all for almost zero financial investment!

At Picaflor, we strongly believe that the future is both physical and digital, and that neither one can work without the other.

Designed in close collaboration with its users, maintained by a team of experienced developers (based in France) and supported by a strong customer service, the platform is now one of the most powerful solutions on the market. Available in 8 languages, it’s also firmly geared towards an international audience.

With complete management of the entire order cycle, invoicing and sales management, delivery notes and instant messaging, all for an unlimited number of users, the platforms edited by Picaflor Editions offer end users not only unique visibility but also a complete SaaS to manage their sales activities.

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